Biodiversity of Medicinal Macrofungi in Indonesia

Noverita1*, Tatang Mitra Setia1, Ernawati Sinaga1

1Faculty of Biology – Universitas Nasional

*Corresponding author


INTRODUCTION: Indonesia is very rich in biological diversity, including macrofungi. Macrofungi or mushrooms are well known for its nutritional and medicinal properties. Unfortunately, existing data about biodiversity of macrofungi in Indonesia, especially which used as ingredients of traditional medicine is very limited. The present works is an attempt to give a broad picture of biodiversity of macrofungi, especially which used as traditional medicine in some parts of Indonesia.

METHODS: The survey was conducted from 2011-2014 in 12 different places especially forests area and soroundings in Java and Kalimantan islands. Data was collected by exploration method guided by local people and confirmed by focus group discussion.

RESULTS: A total number of 50 species in 27 genera belong to 15 families were recorded as having medicinal properties. Local people used them to treat various health disorders, such as diarrheae, toothache, wound, acne, and as galactagogue. Among the collected macrofungi, Trametes, Ganoderma, Auricularia, and Polyporus were found to be the most abundant in their occurrence.

CONCLUSION: Indonesia has many species of medicinal macrofungi, which potential to be developed as source of medicine.

Keywords: biodiversity, medicinal, macrofungi, Indonesia


Presented at The International Conference on Herbal and Traditional Medicine, Januari 28-30 2015, Khon Kaen, Thailand